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RSP - Legal | Tax | Audit

We are 

a team of experienced lawyers, tax advisors and auditors. Locally anchored and with extensive experience in advising international investors, we are provider of integrated legal, tax and audit consulting services in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. All our associates are multilingual and have an international education.  Our key personal has vast experience not only in the countries where we have our own offices, but also in the United States, the Middle and Far East and Central and Eastern Europe.  Our working languages are English, German, Polish, Russian, and Spanish.


The core 

of our business is the success of our clients. If you are successful, we have been successful too. This is the only benchmark for the value of our work.

Emerging markets 

operate by their own rules: speed and flexibility are key factors for business success. Our consulting approach is focused on these factors:

Fast and legally compliant

Even when it comes to complex legal issues, you will receive our first answer within 24 hours. We operate proactively and keep you informed at all times, whether about the processing of legal questions, current issues as regards your accounting or the audit findings. Our advice is professional at all times, we guarantee that our recommendations are well-founded.


Solution-oriented and practical

You do not pay us for scientific papers or problem descriptions, you pay us for creative and solution-oriented consulting which is applicable in practice. We know this, and therefore we act accordingly. We do not focus on problem but on their solution.


Cost-effective and transparent

The benchmark for our fees is the economic value for our clients. If possible, we agree on lump sum remuneration for a definable scope of services, thus making our consulting services calculable for our clients - without unpleasant surprises.


Corporate Flyer
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Corporate Flyer

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