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Compliance & Risk Management

In a complex environment, risk management and compliance is not an easy challenge.

In particularly in your foreign subsidiaries, it is crucial for you to understand, to which extent your business is exposed to criminal actions, fraud and corruption.


Corporate-Governance-rules, Compliance-rules of your group and local compliance have to be observed equally and add complexity to an efficient Compliance- and Risk-Management.

We develop and implement risk-management strategies together with our clients and support them during implementation and supervision.

We assist in implementing procedures for prevention, help identifying fraud and compliance risks, as well as monitoring already established risk-management systems.


We also fulfil functions of your Internal Audit Department in outsourcing or co-sourcing models.

  • Risk Analysis

  • Quick-check: Identification of Fraud- and Compliance-risks

  • set-up of Compliance- und Anti-Fraud-Management-Systems

  • Staff and management training with respect to Anti-Fraud, Compliance and Corporate Governance

  • Compliance Due Diligence

  • Management and staff-audits

  • Supervision of existing Compliance-Systems 

  • Compliance Reviews and enforcement of contractual compliance rights

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