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We assist your activities and investments in Germany, Austria, Poland and all over Russia and the CIS.

Our approach is totally solution focused and our advisors were advising international clients in the region for more than 2 decades. We work in interdisciplinary teams and are well connected in the whole region. Our advice is guaranteeing local compliance but is always given in an international context.


Legal advice in all aspects of an investment - from planning until termination​


Tax structuring and Compliance over the lifecycle of an investment


Statutory Audits and Audits for consolidation purposes


Legal & Tax Compliance

Corporate Compliance

Risk Management

With our experience and competency we will guide you through the complexities of the markets in the region. Though different with respect to legal and regulatory environment, all markets we operate in are highly complex and we will help you to minimze risk and save cost silmutaneously.

Multi-country projects are typically coordinated by one partner who has full authority over all offices. This ensures a seemless and efficient service process and is one of the reasons for our high reputation for high quality service at reasonable cost. 

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