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Tax-optimized investments require excellent knowledge of the tax regulations and the often divergent practice of local tax authorities as well as of international taxation issues and the legal provisions of the investor’s country of origin. There is no substitute for long-standing consulting experience in these fields. 

During the preparation phase, we design tax-optimized participation models, involving your tax advisor if so desired. In most cases, the early structuring of your investment by taking advantage of existing double taxation agreements highly influences your future effective tax rate. 

In case of acquisitions, we conduct a tax due diligence in close cooperation with our auditors and tax advisors. 

In the course of regular tax consulting, we offer to carry out the main functions of financial accounting and the filing of your tax returns. Our team is highly competent in advising of foreign investors, thus ensuring complete compliance with the local regulations as well as keeping you fully in the picture concerning the financial situation of your branch office.


We assess your tax compliance by means of extraordinary or regular compliance audits. 

  • Tax structuring (national & cross-border)

  • Transfer pricing documentation

  • Tax Due Diligence

  • Accounting and Financial statements

  • Tax accounting and tax returns

  • Payroll and HR-Administration

  • Controlling support / co-sourcing


  • Payment handling


  • Reporting und Financial statements for consolidation purposes (DE, AT, US-GAAP and IFRS)


  • Support in fiscal audits and litigation

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