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Uzbekistan - Reward in kind as salary payment

Viktoriya Sleta

Payment of labour as reward in kind is possible with the written consent of the employee in the following cases:

  • food products produced and grown by the employer, as well as other agricultural products - to employees involved in their production;

  • in form of food and temporary accommodation - to workers hired to run a household.

Payment of wages in kind must be stipulated in the employment contract. However, the total amount of wages in kind may not exceed 30%.

The number of deductions provided for in Articles 269-270 of the Labour Code shall be taken into account. Irrespective of the employee's written consent, salary must not be paid as reward in kind if:

  • an amount of up to 50 per cent is withheld - the total amount of wages paid to an employee in kind may not exceed 10 per cent;

  • more than 50% of the salary is withheld.



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